Starting with the sun
Count them one by one:
A star for every blessing
A blessing for every star
Will never leave you guessing
Or wondering where you are

At least five thousand
Numerous as sand:
Visible to naked eyes
Brightening the darkest night
Sprinkling hope across the skies
Reaching earth at speed of light

Deity’s dactylogram
God Himself is calling out
Here I am yes Here I AM
A silent heavenly shout

Beyond outer space
To the inward place:
YHWH’s tetragrammaton
His special revelation
God’s name and mind scratched upon
Ancient scrolls of salvation

Bethlehem’s story
Shekinah glory:
Historical guiding light
Revealed more than to Moses
God’s face once hidden from sight
Smiled unveiled in Christ Jesus

Day star arising
Darkness surprising:
The light of the world has come
Perfect God with human breath
Crushed the serpent’s head to death

Angels are singing
Christmas bells ringing:
Ornaments glow in the sky
Colorful constellation
Telescopes faith to the eye
Gospel annunciation
Andrew Dabar