Sports bar
Sports bra
Dark haired beauty enters
Nipples erect
Men erect with their hopeful penises and posturing
Peacocks in T-shirts strutting their imaginary trains
Making a fuss and rattling
As she crosses a wooden dance floor scratched with spinning memories
Polished to a shine between stage and stools
And a rush of fools
With beer bellies and albino skin where wedding rings have been
Bored and lonely men with long nose hairs
Watching highlights again
Replays of decisions made
Exact moments of glory or defeat
Where the game is either won or the trophy lost
Mirrors one’s life
And the shots keep coming like bad medicine
Ms. Dark Hair with her pixie cut and short shorts drops into the scrum
Drunks scoot and scramble from either side for possession
With predictable one liners
But she’s a Teflon girl
Nothing sticks to her Texas tan
She’s faithful to her man
Yeah right
Not by the end of the night
Everyone here is the same
The wreckers and the wrecked each taking turns
Kelsey drops to her knees between my legs and pets my panting dog
Cooing and cuddling Jack
Having made her choice
The best looking boy in the bar
With his own little secret:
Ate a dead possum hours before
Vomits like a volcano all over the floor
Without the usual deep throat warning
Barmaid’s tattooed thighs dripping with stomach broth and foamy froth
Says something not very nice to me
Her face glows red
Tears blur and smear her eyes
I apologize
Slam down my shot and yank Jack out of there
Returning with a pair of green surgical scrubs from St. Luke’s
Perfect after the pukes
Offer them to Kelsey
“You’re pretty enough to star on Grey’s Anatomy.”
She accepts the change of clothes and the compliment
Gives me her number
The big bellies watch with envy
Two handsome studs statistically bad in bed
I tell them
This is what I tell them
“Boys, that’s how it’s done.”
The tallest one says, “Sheee-it” with a brown tobacco spit into a tin cup
Andrew Dabar