I always ignore the knocks at my door
Mostly trouble for me
Until yours came
So unexpectedly
Late one night
Gentle, feminine, confident
Followed by
The persistent
Drum and click of your painted fingernails
An effective lure
I peeked just to be sure
And the spyhole became a glory hole
You were waiting for me there
With pouting lips and a smokey stare
Expression on your face–what was it –a dare?
So young
Too young
Your soft pink tongue poking out at me
When suddenly
I’m embarrassed for the first time in a long time
I raked five fingers through my disheveled hair
Concerned with the wadded paper everywhere
Littering the floor of Room 102
Trash dump of a thousand failed attempts
Empty beer bottles like fallen bowling pins
With one still standing
I was aiming for a spare
An ice cold Shiner Bock
To soothe my writer’s block
And a generous blunt waiting under the lamp
Fat with weed
An envelope licked stamp damp
No shirt
Unzipped jeans
You can’t say I didn’t warn you
My sad world which you wanted to see is only romantic from the outside
Pain and loneliness are my two mistresses
They never mind my messiness
But I did
Once I opened up to you
Unbathed, unbrushed, unconverted, and unconvinced
Of both my talent and happy endings
You entered on a catwalk
To Weezer’s Beverly Hills
Blue shirt half unbuttoned
Black pantyhose shiny and sheer
You snapped the full bottle from my hand
Guzzled greedily until it leaked from the corners of your sensual mouth
Kissed me with cool glossy lips and beer on your breath
Shut the face of my lousy Lenovo
Slapped my shitty story closed
Shoved me violently hard
I stumbled backwards and fell to the chair
You lifted your skirt
Straddled my lap between silky thigh highs
Sank me deep and tight inside
Locked your long legs
Cock shock
A fast three minute ride
Thrusting to the time signature of the song
Your ringed fingers laced behind my head
Bracelets jingling
Jeweled nipples tingling
My chest
An erotic dance
Flipping your poker straight hair at the riff
Tempo 88 beats per minute
Your eyes never left mine
Chair creaking with the rhythm
Carotid arteries pulsing visibly
Dizzy moaning
Ecstatic groaning
You were blaspheming
Or possibly worshipping
Face flushing
Hot pussy gushing
River of semen rushing
We came at the same time
Like two broken powerlines in a storm
Deadly cable snakes writhing and popping against the pavement
Spitting blue sparks
Threatening a wet electrocution
Andryusha you said
You bit my neck
Your teeth left their mark
Afterwards we lit up
In the afterglow
Pulsing with hot concupiscence
Rolling on good grass
Floating hand-in-hand in the dark
Sipping whiskey from a coffee cup
On a magic carpet
A king size mattress
Tangled in fuck-rumpled sheets
High above a Ukrainian battlefield
I want to give you a real name I said
I want you to live
You whispered that you love me
I believed you at the moment
But not tomorrow
Not today
Andrew Dabar