At a quarter past two
Moonlight so blue
Illumines her face
In slumbering grace
A woman yet a child
Breathing steady, breathing mild
And I form the shadow of a man kneeling down
Careful not to make a sound
This is a sacred moment, and
Where she lay, a sacred place
Sleeping wife, precious life
What dreams do your eyelids hide?
Are you free
Or trapped inside?
Is it something good
Or something bad?
Are you happy
Or are you sad?
From the outside I am watching
And waiting to know
Behind and below
Brown eyes travel to and fro
Up and down and all around
Visions sweep from side to side
Then—a hint from underneath
She moans and grinds her teeth
So I touch her hair
And she smiles
Because she knows that I am HERE
And also THERE
Andrew Dabar