This is how it happened:
You entered the room and a gentle breeze
Stirred a place nobody sees
Deep within the wilderness of my heart—
A world apart from your bright city lights and sheer silk delights

After a long dry season and for that very reason
Here, where it is sometimes dangerous but never tame
That hidden spark ignited to flame
Now one hundred percent uncontained
Even if it rained and rained

Relentless spot fires, burning desires
The forest crashes, the past is in ashes
Stripped bare, smoldering there
All-consuming, come spring re-blooming
The promise of new life

You introduce yourself by shaking my hand:
Your long slender fingers like kindling sticks
Encourage the tongue that now dances and licks
Through every hidden thicket of my heart
Until wild things appear all the way out here
Fanged faces in civilized places where they don’t belong
Looking for something to eat

Without you knowing my eyes are glowing
I pant with hunger and thirst
I try not to choke as I track you through smoke
And silently wonder
What you might taste like in Denver
Andrew Dabar