Make a wish!
Gold coin in the mouth of a fish?
A Menage a Trois
Oh yes, mistress, yes!
On this morning of June so nubile
I’ll lift your Sunday dress
Your wet petals caress
I love to hear you sigh
You smell so good
Breathe your sweet bouquet of breath on me
That breeze!
You’re such a tease
Play with my hair
Touch me everywhere
Oh, oh, oh
She’s joined us now
The one that I love
She’s kissing me
Lips of nectar
Blue eyes wide open
The three of us
Just us three
Passionate trinity
Under a Cottonwood
Nature’s Fuck
On the Colorado open range
Poplar agoraphilia
Seeding the sky with fuzzy snow
25 million possibilities per tree
Like sperm
Softer than feather down floating through the air
Looking everywhere for a place to implant
The odds of failure so overwhelming
Maybe only one will make it
In the coffee and brandy afterglow
That’s my wish, darling girl:
For our love to land
Deeply rooted and impossibly deep
In the fertile soil of a forgiving heart
Viable though any impossibility
New life
Andrew Dabar