A cold Colorado moon has dropped like a huge silver coin into the hard pocket of a weather-starched canyon

Hidden treasure

As dawn breaks the black ice of the firmament

A blue crack is splitting

Pulling asunder

Ever since the first day of Creation

Separating the darkness from the light

And there was evening and there was morning, right?

Genesis 1.5

Crackling like a cube in a glass

(Or maybe it’s the soap bubbles in my ears)

Opening an Eden door

Hinting at Forevermore

Reminding me that the road to life is narrow

And few there be who find it

So said the Savior

But–here we go again –broad is the gate to another day

As an orange sun is rising

And the puffy feminine cheeks of a cloudy sky are blushing pink

I must confess that I’m a voyeur

Who loves to watch

Two great heavenly bodies whenever they change

I’m so turned on

The snow is melting

The slopes are slushing with gray downhill dreams

Hang your skis brother

You broke the bones of your soul for nothing

She doesn’t really love you

It was all a trick

A bubblegum ChapStick kiss

And an unforgettable blow

At Cock Rock

And the rivers are rising and rushing with rafters

A new line of lovers

Winter’s white rapids eager to dash them to pieces against a slimy boulder or break a few teeth with an out-of-control paddle

One wrong move mama

And the mountains are browning like my bruised apple heart

Before they sprout once more into green

Seasons change

Sometimes they are mean

I see it

I feel it

I know it

In technicolor

I’ve draped Joseph’s multicolored coat around the stooped shoulders of my brain


With a god-like perception

Seven years of plenty followed by seven lean years

Skinny cows eating the fat cows

Such is love

Mushrooms are fertilized in steamy manure


Even a microdose tastes like shit

A small sacrifice

To force some laugher in the face of sorrow

To forget about a lesser tomorrow

And to fly like an eagle over Vail Valley


Andrew Dabar