Harvest moon
Don’t be shy
I can see you blushing over there
Rising slowly to the clouded purple dance floor
Of a starlit sky
Hiding from me
Behind a Patapsco valley tree
Too much modesty
Leafy dress for disguise
Two glowing eyes
Peeking through your romantic mask of branches at the masquerade ball
Welcome to my private celebration
On this first day of fall
Dearest autumnal equinox
I’m sipping on a black box of sweet harvest wine
Come and be mine
Make a pass
Dance with me in the grass
Fill me with timeless romance
Unzip my pants
Nobody knows
Take off your clothes
Make my face glow
Give me a hay windy blow
Of inspiration
Have you forgotten?
Full bosomed you were
When first we met
I was only eighteen
You were much older yet
The first to capture my attention
Squeezing between earth and sky
Your fullness spilling over
A steel and concrete ledge
You were swinging your luminous legs a hundred stories high
In Chicago
At the end of Lasalle
I remember how
The Old Chocolate Factory scented the cooling night
When God and Carl Sandburg called me to write
Now please
Come out from behind those trees
And kiss me one more time please
I’ll do it right
Andrew Dabar
(September 22, 2021)