You were always extra cute in your peppermint stripe pajamas

Sexy mama

That’s what I called you

Your perfect breast pressed to my chest

Heavier with the approaching peace of a deep sleep

White noise in the background

A false prophet

A soothsayer

With the comforting sound of a mighty rushing wind blowing away all of our troubles

Tomorrow’s a new day

That’s what you always say

So I think about it

All of the possibilities

As predictably (after a thousand perfect fit marital nights)

I continue to stare

Play with your hair

Sneaking a not-so-innocent hand behind your stretched out sleeve

Almost threadbare

Searching there

For a tiny constellation

Where God has printed a secret on your shoulder


I whisper words of love into your ear

But you say nothing in return

You’re already gone

Swallowing my fear

In the deepening darkness

On this our final night

With all of my might

I wish you light

Darling girl

If I could

I would string together every star in the sky

A necklace that pulses and glitters with a piercing blue hope

Place it over your fresh start heart

With the sun for a diamond ring
Andrew Dabar