I always wonder if she hates herself in the morning
The hangover morning after
She wakens me without pattern or warning
All through the night
The last wine-sodden night
Ringing and dinging
With intoxicated texts of love
Pinning me to the mattress
The heavy weight of her naked words
Straddling my broken heart
Rocking my inner man with sadistic pleasure
Between orgasmic hope and flaccid despair
Answer honestly
Truth or Dare?
The face of my phone glows in the dark
The 2 AM dark
Pulsing with mystery
A recent history
Another new romance without a name
I play her vengeful game
She loves me
She loves me not
Sentences flash cold and hot
This goddess
Who gives and takes away
When there’s nothing left to say
Dresses in silence
Hails a taxi
Enters the day
Plunges deep into a cold gray sea of forgetfulness
What is faithfulness?
The rising of the moon
That will bring her back soon
With the incoming tide and two bottles of wine
She’ll slur one hopeful line
For a breathless moment
She’ll be mine again
All mine
Andrew Dabar