This old rickety truck
It’s so difficult to steer her
Down a broken lane
Mile after mile
Two angels in my rear view mirror
Watch me from a windowpane
Wondering why daddy why
We ever said goodbye

Your tears fell like rain

I’ll try to explain

The last time was September
Do you remember?

Your imagination was always the best
You said
The bed of this pickup
Was the greatest of all pirate ships
Anchored in Travelers Rest

Even on a stormy day
Even when the sky poured
There was nonstop play
We’d chase the bad guys away
A stick for a sword
Clack, clack, clack
Don’t come back


Sylvia once crested the green ocean waves of our grassy front lawn
She was great
Now she’s all packed up
Sailing down the Interstate
Four wheels to the wind and a long time gone

Sing it

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum
I’m the robber of treasured relationships
A drunken dishonest bum
The real thief finally came out of me
I was forced into exile and then out to sea

There’s my answer

That’s the reason why

Please, babies, please don’t cry

This life on the run
I see what I’ve done
The taller your shadows
In the setting sun
Quite honestly
Year after year
My greatest fear
The smaller your faces
You’ll both disappear
Behind me

1 a.m.
I am
Multiple construction zones
Ka-thunk, Ka-thunk, Ka-thunk
Concrete slabs
Under my tires
Both eyes are heavy and sunk
Counting orange cones
Like calendar tabs
Lulls me to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
I pray the Lord my soul to take
Eyes closed, chin to chest
Most would say it’s for the best
Until a rumble strip shakes me awake
With an awful bootlegger sound
Did startle and stir
Another chance to turn this silver ship around
Andrew Dabar