I walked in quiet solitude
Along the sand one night
I strolled with prayerful attitude
Beneath the evening light 

I thought it good to be alone
Consoled in secret prayer
To lay my burdens at His throne
Petitions to His care 

When ‘ere today the Tempter crept in
And hurled his fiery darts
They pricked me hard—yield I to sin?
The peace of God departs 

‘Twas matchless love Redeemer shown
With blood He paid the cost
And Heaven’s my eternal home
For all my sins are lost 

And I deserving Hell’s reprimand
I know it’s not a dream
But the marks I’ve left upon life’s sand
Are not all that they seem 

The more God’s grace accepted in
Old footsteps soon depart
The bones that carries me in sin
Have moved on—He’s my heart
Andrew Dabar